Sicily is inseparable from the artist’s work. As a teenager on the Italian island, Vorticerosa focused her education in the artistic world. Specializing in design, she continued her brilliant studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania where she completed her thesis. In 2001 she moved to Milan (Italy) to work as an art director in a multinational advertising agency. She held this position for eight years, without neglecting her own personal creative projects. Some of her illustrations were then published by famous women's magazines such as Vanity Fair and Glamour.
The economic crisis in 2010 forced her to leave her post and try new experiences. In 2011, she met the director of the Lo Sguardo dell'Altro gallery in Modena (Italy), who would play a key role in her artistic career. She organized her first solo exhibition there before taking part in various competitions.
Vorticerosa claims her admiration for painters Cy Twombly (American, twentieth century), and Vassily Kandinsky (Russian-French, nineteenth-twentieth centuries). These references, associated with her Sicilian origins, profoundly influence her work. The stories her grandmother told her on her native island inspire her pictorial narratives and pure graphics.
Entitled" Growing Up", Vorticerosa’s artistic project discusses the difficulty of thriving in today's world. Her works depict a girl symbolizing the future: a character evolving with the state of the artist’s soul. First dressed in red, the colour of passion and curiosity, the little girl is dressed in black as she becomes aware of her surroundings. Ever since, Vorticerosa depicts her with a disproportionate head, filled with thoughts and questions dealing with problems that overwhelm her. Her paintings, devoted to the clash of daily challenges, are worked in translucent layers. With this technique, the artist manages to suggest the paradoxes of life, constantly torn between actions and dreams.