Christabel Wellesley

Christabel grew up in Newcastle (England) and quickly felt the urge to draw and copy her favourite images. However in the post-war period, there was very little paper. Her father sometimes brought her sheets that resembled blotters, which her pencil could barely draw on. The first notebook that she was given was an object so precious that she hardly dared to use it. Paper would long remain a rare element that Christabel tends to collect "like a squirrel."
She earned a sociology degree in 1970. That same year she moved to France where she worked as an English teacher part time in order to devote herself to her family. Her passion for art was never far, and she studied at Grenoble School of Fine Arts and began her first exhibitions.
Far from being a solitary artist, Christabel likes to be surrounded by people, both in France as well as in her many travels (when she was 40 years old, she went around the world in a sailboat). She loves to meet other cultures, other lifestyles, other aestheticisms. Her favourite subject is the human body, and she always draws from a live model full of motion and life! Oil pastels worked on paper allow her to draw quickly and capture the spontaneity. She then works her sketches in her studio, focusing on line and texture. Christabel’s palette consists of black, blue and ochre. She seeks to express or imply an emotion, a slice of life that the viewer then has the freedom to interpret.
The artists Honoré Daumier (French, seventeenth century) and Aubrey Beardsley (English, seventeenth century) inspire her creations. A curious artist and anxious to share, Christabel has recently began sculpting and organises an outdoor workshop, open to all, on the theme of "The Crowd".