Fred Wieser

Armed with an art degree from the University of Utrecht in 1979, Fred began his professional life working as a designer for the Madurodam Park miniature village in The Hague (Netherlands). This first learning experience confirmed his desire to devote his time to purely artistic pursuits. The need to paint grew in him a little more each day.
In search of his own pictorial language, the artist first turned to a figurative style, which he quickly abandoned in favour of more abstract figures. His art began to resemble that of Ron van der Werf (Dutch) and Censini Giuliano (Italian).
Fred finds his inspiration in the little things of everyday life, from which he gathers his colours. His vibrant palette follows the rhythm of the seasons (ochres and browns in autumn, pastels and bright colours in summer...), the particular atmosphere of old facades steeped in history or any other motif borrowed from everyday life. White recurs frequently in his compositions to highlight the intensity of other colours.
The artist contrasts the vitality of colours with the fixity of geometric shapes. Each of his works is ordered in the same way: a central core consisting of rectangular or square patterns collected on a background divided by two main colours (black and white, gray and white, orange and blue...)
Paramount in his work, technique is a veritable challenge in his life, constantly encouraging him to renew his art and to master many materials. His paintings consist of layers of paint. Fred takes care to apply the dark colours first, in order to finish with the lighter shades. The dark shades are then left visible through the lighter layers. His unique use of transparency, combined with a subtle game of textures, creates an illusion of depth.
Like a magician, the painter brings texture and relief to a medium that is usually rather flat.