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To depict his inner reality in a unique and vivid way, Jacques tirelessly develops his artistic expression. The painter discovered watercolour in Provence, in 1995. That same year, he worked as an apprentice in Roanne (Loire), where he acquired the basics of visual art through various mediums such as gouache, acrylic or engraving. However, five years of training and personal development did not sate his appetite to learn. To achieve the level of mastery that he craves, he decided to embark on a quest of perfectionism. Attending many workshops with renowned watercolourists, as well as searching out lessons, criticism and advice from the French artists Jean-Yves and Jean-Pierre Bruyère Pyat (twenty – twenty-first centuries) allowed him to deepen his technique. Now Jacques himself animates watercolor workshops and courses in the Roanne region.
The goal of the painter is not to obtain an accurate and faithful representation of reality, but to reveal his own truth. He focuses on light and textures rather than the objects themselves. In this way he detaches from the anecdotal form of his subjects to develop a pictorial language filled with emotion. After extensive testing, Jacques has surrounded himself with the equipment best suited to his expressive choices: Arches grain cloth paper, dampening and fine pointed synthetic brushes as well as the purest water colour pigments. The pleasure of the artist lies, above all, in the act of painting. Focused on writing, he transmits his message by loading every stroke with meaning. Whether on wet or dry paper, with a fluid or thick wash, with the tip or the entire brush, his strokes become calligraphy. With this visual language, Jacques suggests more than he defines. Capturing the beauty of his subjects more than their image, he manages to re-enchant reality.