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Karin was 20 when a work of Nicolas de Stael made an impression on her and gave her the impetus to create. She bought some supplies and painted all night. On canvas, she watched as two abstract cubic and faceless characters appeared. The magic of this moment was overwhelming and she decided to take up art as a career. This decision was followed by several years of attending painting, sculpture and drawing workshops.
In 2002, she discovered aluminium sheets in a junkyard. After several successful trials with this, it became her preferred medium. Since then, Karin is ceaselessly trying new techniques: acrylic, collage, plaster, painting on sheet metal. She has chosen aluminium for the metal’s properties: strength, lightness, brightness and the ability to withstand the assaults of brushes and other tools.
The metal sheet is prepared using a spatula with acrylic paint or plaster. The regular layers of different thicknesses allow her to better scratch, erase or tear the surface. The traces obtained are reminiscent of memory. Other accidental traces may occur, which Karin accepts and lets enter into her compositions, giving her work an impression of random controlled, organized disorder.
Her work is identifiable by its technical composition, the layering of textures and chromatic organization. The colours used are light and mineral. Occasionally, she introduces bright colours to break the rhythm. Lines appear to be ubiquitous in the form of wide stripes, marks or more suggested in-depth work and scraping. They symbolize both the links and connections that unite beings, but also the borders and misunderstandings between them.
The abstraction and minimalism of the twentieth century artists (Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Antoni Tàpies, Pierre Soulages) fascinate and inspire her. In 2005, Karin opened her showroom space in Colmar where she works and exhibits.