A self-taught artist, Pascal Grandet, clledMöga, entered into the art world under the pseudonym Matteo. As a figurative painter who painted landscapes, he worked alongside the Mediteranean artist Nelson Manuel Fabiano (born in 1973); one them using an airbrush and the other a paintbrush. Möga is the name he chose to sign at the bottom of his personal works. He was originally known for his characteristic canvases depicting scenes of life and culture in Africa. His paintings were largely reproduced by publishing companies to make cards and posters. Now, his art has evolved and has taken a turn today towards the contemporary movement of street art.

"It is by painting sculptures in resin that represent spray bottles - during a collaboration with the sculptor Fabien Nourisson - that the artist from Perigord slowly entered into the world of street art." Therefore, by using spray paints and stenciles, augmented by collages, acrylic paint and drawings with markers, Möga creates blends that symbolise the fragments of walls or barriers tagged by various artists.

He is always looking to feed and enrich his imagination and he has discovered new graphic compositions during trips to the cities of New York and Berlin, parts of which he then uses in his own pieces. He makes his works with palettes of vibrant and varied colours and by inserting typographic characters drawn from the world of comic books to reinforce the luminous and joyful aspect of his compositions.