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Esther Marlot

Esther was born in Aix-en-Provence to father who was a sculptor and a mother who was a weaver. She grew up surrounded by artists and artisans, and was introduced to the arts from early childhood through music (vocals, violin, trumpet). After studying Fine Art in high school in Nîmes, she left for vocational training at the Centre of Circus Arts in Toulouse. She began a career in performing and participated in the creation of the company ‘Remise a 9’. She worked as an acrobat for five years with the "The Monstrous Parade", touring France and Europe. Parallel to the circus and her musical activities, Esther painted and did illustrations. The artist participated in several graphics projects (posters, flyers, CD covers) for festivals, bands, circus companies and street theatre. She won 1st prize for posters at the Off Festival of Avignon in 2004. She exhibited for the first time in 2007 on a familiar theme, the circus. Two years later, she decided to devote herself mainly to painting.

Musician, acrobat, painter, graphic artist, lithographer, Esther accumulates artistic talents. Her main influences are the illustrator Pascal Rabaté (author of comics and French director) and painters Egon Schiele (Austrian, twentieth century) and Jean-Michel Basquiat (American, twentieth Century). Esther is inspired by the observation of everyday people, objects, and places. She works in acrylic or chalk, from a sketch taken from real life or a photograph. At times she incorporates elements glued on to her compositions.

Far from the travesties of the show, her works seek to capture simple, true moments. Her characters are devoid of artifice and are represented in the sincerity of their privacy. With diffidence, Esther explores what lies behind the apparent surface of things. Here, a couple of dancers embrace tenderly during a sensual tango. There, a young woman is immersed in her reading in a moment of relaxation.

If the painting is not intended to convey a particular message, it invites us to accept ourselves as we are.

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