Paola Di Renzo

The drawings and watercolours by Paola di Renzo strive to build bridges between worlds. Trained in photography and graphic design, the Italian artist is, above all, an assiduous observer of the real, from which she attempts to break down borders with the aid of the magical and the fantastic.

The doll-like characters that populate her creations are deliberately situated at the heart of her compositions and consequently symbolise the limits between two territories: the tangible and the imaginary, the human and the fantastic, the body and the spirit, the world of the living and that of the dead, the complete and the incomplete. These small creatures, a surface of projections, represent, in the eyes of the artist, the gap between the appearance of things and their reality, how things are seen, and how they really are.  

Moving around in a universe where the notions of time and space are blurred, Paola di Renzo’s characters move around like ghosts, spirits, transitory figures, fugitives. Considering her work as an explicit reference to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, the story of man’s acquisition of knowledge through perceptual experience, the artist’s ‘dolls’ represent the shadows - almost mere illusions, whose veracity is questioned every second. An advocate of doubt and change, Paola di Renzo places her little protective messengers exactly, so that they rub shoulders with the stars who should be watching over each and every one of us, both great and small, the whole of humanity.