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Régine Pivier-Attolini

Régine grew up with the song of cicadas in Martigues in south-eastern France. From an early age she developed a passion for art and painting, studying Fine Arts in high school. She then turned to linguistic studies and graduated as a teacher of modern languages. She taught for several years, while continuing to paint in parallel.

In 1980, pushed by her need to create, she left her position in the national education system and devoted herself entirely to her passion. She attended various arts groups and worked in her studio, her favourite place for creating. Alone in front of her canvas she feels immense freedom: that of dreams and the magic of imaginary worlds. In 1988 she began with group exhibitions and soon had her first solo exhibitions in the PACA region.

She uses acrylic paint as preparatory courses and appreciates its quick drying time. However, oil painting remains her favourite medium to represent abstract landscapes, still lifes and intimate scenes. In the latter, the sensibilities of a feminine world emerge, punctuated by silhouettes and secrets.

Régine is in love with colours, which are essential for her. She chooses warm tones, creating lively and colourful worlds. She is guided by her emotions for the choice and use of the colours. Her works are an alliance between abstraction and figuration.

She draws on the great French painters Nicolas De Stael and Auguste Chabaud (nineteenth century) for inspiration. During her travels she thrives on new colours and cultures, which are sources of inspiration for her future works. Régine lives and works in Martigues, the land of her childhood and participates in many exhibitions in France and abroad.