Hans Min

Heavily influenced by the will to understand the world around him, the Dutch artist Hans Min endeavoured to continually increase and diversify his skills. Thus, throughout his university studies, he took various courses, including one dedicated to art history, a second one more oriented towards social sciences and a third based on the learning of art. His painting practice has always been predominant and has remained at the heart of his artistic activity, although he also creates sculptures, drawings, engravings or even video pieces at the same time.

As a starting point for his pictorial work, the surrounding world is an endless source of inspiration for the artist, which is drawn and affirmed at the mercy of the movements sketched on the canvas. Leaving a large part to chance and unconscious production, Hans tries to be the least critical towards himself during the execution in order to allow his gestures free rein. The canvas is completed when it reflects a representation which satisfies its author and is different to what had been mentally projected beforehand.

Made up of multiple pictorial layers, Hans’ works offer the viewer strong images with rich, colourful tones. The subject, principally figurative, is produced with oils with intensity, thus bestowing it with the impression of movement. For Hans, the technical production of a canvas is essential and has to be as perfect as possible. Looking at it more closely, several interpretations can be made by reading the same work.