Maryline Mercier

From a very young age Maryline felt an intense desire to become an artist and to join the Fine Arts. Therefore, after receiving her baccalaureate with a major in literary studies she was naturally drawn to studies in artistic creation and enrolled at the Institute of Visual Arts of Orléans (Institut d'Arts Visuels d'Orléans). Afterward, she spent twenty years in various lines of business. In 2009, Maryline decided to permanently change her professional orientation in order to finally devote herself to her initial desire to become an artist.

Maryline is interested in all forms of artistic creation and therefore decided to draw, sculpt and paint. Unable to decide between abstract and figurative, she decided to devote herself to both at the same time, going from one to the other depending on the subject at hand. She works mainly with oil painting and sometimes adds acrylic or oil pastels and even ink, which she uses on canvas, wood, and sometimes cardboard or paper.

Maryline refuses to let any rules obstruct the complete freedom she seeks on her canvas and therefore she fills her compositions with all the sensitivity she gleans from her personal life, her inner soul but also from her environment, in order to create. Her work is deeply inspired by two great entities that are Nature and Life.

Comparing the role of the writer with that of the painter - the former offers a story that the reader uses in order to create his or her own visual image, as for the latter creates an image the viewer can use to write his or her own story - Maryline "lays down the colours to create an atmosphere, [...] captures a moment thanks to the light... And the rest does not belong to [her]."

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