Michel Saint-Luc

Unable to imagine himself working in any other sector than creation, Michel has always dedicated his life to art. Interested by all disciplines, he began his career as a decorator, whilst practising writing and poetry at the same time; he collaborated with different magazines and published five collections of poems. In 1998, he decided to return and to set himself up in his home region to open his personal gallery in Andernos-les-Bains, located at the heart of the Arcachon Bay.

Poetry and the ocean are the artist’s two passions and find themselves as the basis of all of his pictorial work. In 2010, he began producing his semi-abstract marines, which represent for him “an evasion, an incitement to dreams, to freedom, to travel or to meditation.” Painted with gentleness, his canvases breathe the marine air and the peaceful atmosphere of the great open sea. Always deeply attached to writing, Michel sometimes accompanies them with a short text in the form of a “poem card”.

Continually looking for a great fluidity in the composition of his collection, the artist resorts to oil painting that he works with a brush and a paintbrush. His signature resides in the treatment of subjects that are in the thickness of the material itself and are on the contrary deliberately produced with a knife. Attached to the feeling of tranquillity that emerges from his canvases, Michel gives his subjects bright colours that are more or less sustained, that he wants to be harmonious compared to the shading chosen for the background. This relief work, underlined by the play of light and transparency, translates all of the plastic character of his piece.