Frédéric Le Blay

Frederic's passion for painting took shape at age fourteen when an artist friend introduced him to the Pont-Aven School. This introduction to Breton painting of the nineteenth century was his first visual "shock". He received his first brushes and his first painting, an oil copy of Paul Gauguin (French painter, nineteenth century).

To satisfy his thirst for knowledge, Frederic started with the discovery of the great names from art history: Chardin (eighteenth century), Henri Matisse (French painter, nineteenth - twentieth centuries), Pablo Picasso (Spanish painter, twentieth century), Francis Bacon (Irish painter, twentieth century) ... Dreaming of following in the footsteps of these masters, he completed his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Lorient from 1983 to 1988. This era saw the birth of his first works. In 1990, he began a career as a graphic designer and taught painting. He opened his studio in 2000 and won several competitions. In 2005, he travelled to Japan as part of an exchange between Breton and Japanese painters on the island of Shikoku. The discovery of this country disrupted his life and work, and Japanese culture became the theme of his painting.

Frederic lives and works in Hennebont in the Morbihan and returns regularly to his adopted country. His artistic influences tend to the art of Lucian Freud (British painter, twenty – twenty-first centuries), Philippe Pasqua (French artist) and Yan Pei-Ming (Chinese painter).

The artist paints every morning in the silence of dawn, before going to work. He combines acrylic with collage of various papers (newsprint, wrapping paper...). Frederic places a strong emphasis on colour and design. His colourful works reveal a benevolent gaiety. With his expressive portraits, he offers both a dramatized and idealized vision of Japan; a personal and colourful tribute to the land of rising sun.