Catherine PERBOST was born at the gates of the desert, in Niamey, Niger, on March 8, 1959. From the day she was born, art was for her a family story: family of musicians, authors, composers-performers.

Breaking with her schooling, music and singing were of course her first paths.

As in studio with WEA music, she must interrupt her recordings. It then darkens, and for four long years, she falls in an unfathomable depression.

After a post-psychiatric cure, endowed with a nature of an unusual energy, it is through sculpture that she first let herself be carried away by painting, even deciding, self-taught, to confront the Parisian schools Boulle and Duperré.

Leaving the cultural Paris, she took refuge in Ardeche where all these wanderings give birth to CBOST.

Always drawing, she works obstinately,passionately, clay, sewing, oilcloth, wire, cloth, plaster, to flourish with acrylic, pastel grease, oil and other mixed techniques.

In the course of her personal quest, her countless paintings, without seeking it, without dogmatism or intellectualism, she instinctively reveals her share and her vision on our universal humanity in the unrestrained rage of the worldtoday. She affirms her own pictorial language, modest, profound but also jubilatory, opening up an imaginary of expressiveness at once raw and singular, which makes her, without references, an unclassifiable colourist.

The art of CBOST is a living art of all human questions, which carries within it, in the hustle and bustle of this world, a voice, a clear song that, speaking to the eyes, speaks to the heart, Jean Dubuffet once wrote:

"Art does not come to sleep in the beds made for him ..."

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