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Sophie Cohen Scali

Sophie grew up in Jerusalem, where her family moved in order to rediscover their roots. As a teenager, she drew, painted, sang and played music. At the age of twenty, she traveled throughout Europe (France, Spain) and North Africa, and led a bohemian life. All the while never ceasing to create for her own pleasure. On founding a family for the first time, she settled down (in France), and her life then allowed her to undertake training in mural painting.

She loved working the materials but soon tired of following orders and decided to devote herself to her personal creations and exhibit them. Her work begins in notebooks. Drawings and ideas are spontaneously added, or related to selected topics. Nature, the great outdoors, the relationship of man to the universe, chance meetings, travel and her childhood are her main sources of inspiration. Next comes the choice of medium. Her work on paper allows great spontaneity, while her work on canvas is more methodical. Once the medium is chosen, she uses, by preference, recycled materials. The bases, as well as the techniques, may, at times, overlap and blend.

Sophie is always looking for a balance between the manipulation of the materials and the placement of her strokes. For graphics she uses ink, charcoal, graphite, painting, sewing or she engraves the lines directly on the paper or in the medium. She paints mainly in acrylics but also uses pigments and other paints, and sometimes uses collages of drawings, linocuts (linoleum engravings) or pieces of paint taken from her pallet. In this way Sophie creates the effect of rich materials without having large thicknesses. She is continually experimenting with new techniques.

Sophie's world seems straight out of a child’s garden where fond memories and distant anxieties cohabitate. The artist hides vital questions about the essence of being behind an apparent sweetness and innocence.