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A precocious child, Sofie held her first exhibition when she was 6 years old... at her grandmother’s house... And success was waiting for her! From then on the passion for drawing and painting would never leave her. From this first experience she would keep her child's soul intact and it would become her driving force. The world of childhood feeds her inspiration from which she draws spontaneity, a naivety full of gaiety, often joyful, mischievous ... and most importantly, always sincere.

After experimenting with particularly youthful materials - walls, doors, books - gradually the canvas became a necessity. She then tried various methods such as the knife or painting directly with her hands. Finally it would be this last technique that became her favourite. Today all her paintings are made with her hands and fingers. The brush is used for the details, and the outlines of the characters are drawn with a Posca pen.

Sofie loves to tell stories. She is inspired by everyday life, and the comings and goings of her two little boys. Comical situations are inexhaustible creative sources! And from this child's world, rich with a colourful and free imagination, plump creatures are born on the canvas: sometimes fabulous animals with bright colours, sometimes unusual characters right out of a storyteller’s mind. Invented beings whose gaze and facial expressions set the tone of the work. Curious, surprised, naughty, mischievous, cheeky, happy or sad ... everything can be read in the eyes she paints at the end ... adoring the discovery, "the surprise" at the last moment, of the expression of these "little creatures" or characters.

Recently wood has made its way into some of these compositions, giving a new, fun feel to her creations ... Her characters leave the frame, as if to escape in search of freedom. This freedom that Sofie offers us is in each of her paintings; refreshing windows on a world populated with poetic, happy and extremely endearing creatures.