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Born in Seine-Maritime in 1968, Loba discovered her artistic vocation at the age of 20. As an au pair in London, she attended a class on sketching and drew a portrait. Encouraged by her teacher, she continued drawing and enrolled for her art degree on her return. Her taste for sketching still prevails today, whether prehistoric, classical or contemporary. She values artists’ and writers’ drafts, the aesthetics of engraving and calligraphy, surrealism and abstract expressionism (American) and figurative works (artistic movements of the twentieth century). Over the years Loba has developed her own style: a mixture of collage, cut-outs, painting and drawing. Her favourite material is paper: newspaper, sketch or watercolour. She first draws figures straight out of her imagination, and then cuts them out before stamping them with acrylics. She then defines the attitude of the characters by working the media. The artist gropes, following her desires, in spontaneous or guided gestures. She glues, unglues, re-glues, and affixes pen drawings and voluntarily cryptic or illegible writings. Loba prefers a mix of drawing and text, complimentary tools in the revelation of her personal mythology, components of a travel log to an inner space. She deals with her theme of predilection - the "wild" woman and her inner life - with poetry, spirituality and dreaminess. Moved by the current problems of women’s status across the globe, she imagines her characters in search of freedom, hopes to reveal their deep and sensitive nature and with a desired ambiguity deals with the question of woman’s relationship with the world that surrounds her. Thus, the artist does not seek a purely decorative art, but she creates for its sensitive and experimental dimension. Loba often enjoys feeling, in life as in art, some kind of magic, a game of chance, circumstances and coincidences that act for her as a sign of confidence in the smooth running of things.