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Chantal Roux

Chantal was born and raised in the Lyon region, in a family of artists. She watched her mother and sister painting, and naturally began to do the same. As a child, she believed that everyone was an artist. As a teenager, she wanted to become a writer and a few years later she published fiction novels. She worked as a designer for a children’s musical theatre troupe. Sets, animated books, scenic objects, puppets, animation ... Chantal tried her hand at everything. It was at the age of 40 that she returned to her roots and became a professional artist. Without any academic training, she built on her mother’s legacy: the sense of colour, harmony and balance.

Chantal began with oils before then devoting herself permanently to acrylics. She works almost exclusively with knife on paper mounted on canvas. She paints characters in their everyday life, as if a fly on the wall. Her scenes are imbued with an infinite taste for tenderness, melancholy and humour.

Both real and dreamlike, the characters confront subjects drawn from everyday life. Pauses are barely sketched: a head resting on a shoulder, impassive animals, dark, half-closed eyes, closed mouths and hands that express as much as the faces.

Chantal’s relationship with the movement of people, animals or everyday objects is much like dreamy immersion. There is a fantastical dimension in her painting, even stronger because it remains humble and barely suggested.

Her painting is difficult to recount or describe. Although figurative, her work seems to come from inside her vision to better reach beyond her. Chantal transcends a representation to silently question her own presence in the world.