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A native of Corsica, Caroline Matteoli had a happy childhood in a family of art lovers. Her mother was an opera singer and her father was in politics. During the war, he was in the resistance. So it was a tribute to her father that Caroline used ​​her maiden name as her artist’s name. At 19 she studied at the Penninghen School of Graphic Arts in Paris and became a student of Jean Podevin at the same time. The artist remembers the young talent, "Amazed, confused and often rebellious, she began painting, with her own ideas and accepting mine, my requirements and my virtue in work." The artist began with gouache before moving on to oil painting. She practised composition and perfected her handling of colour and medium. After graduation, she was first employed as a graphic designer for the prestigious Dior Perfumes, but quickly realized that she missed painting, which she decided to devote herself to entirely.

Influenced by the works of Nicolas de Stael, Rothko and Miró (painters of the twentieth century), her first figurative paintings over the years became more refined and more abstract. The artist aspires to a "solid” rendering. For this, she uses the knife. She carves the forms and mixes colour with impasto. This medium, made with vegetable oil and natural resin allows one to paint in relief and thickness. In this way she recreates in a crude manner the places that have made a mark on her: the Arcachon Basin, the Mediterranean, souks, Asian markets or the Bullring ... All these places are filled with movement, life and colour. The artist sprinkles her paintings with red spots intended to make the entire work "vibrate". Her goal is to evoke emotion, soothe the viewer and make him dream. Indeed, for this artist full of vitality, whose every day begins with running, painting is also a way to find peace and serenity.