The sources of inspiration for the painter artist Caroline de Piédoüe can be found everywhere: in the city, in the street, at the seaside, in the country, at the theatre, in the intimate ambience of home. “The subjects are there everywhere all the time…” notes the artist. Observing, keeping an eye out, capturing everything within sight and easy reach constitutes the raw material of her approach. Once all of these treasures have been accumulated, the transcription, transformation and creative work is put in motion.

Caroline de Piédoüe’s realist painting alternates between calm phases and flamboyant contrasts revolving around three themes that are dear to her: life scenes, bestiary and theatre. Beach scenes, street scenes, country scenes, portraits of actors, stage performances become battle sites between the real and the poetic, between materials and colours: matt, glossy, fluid, thick.

In the workshop, like Mozart, Liszt, Tchaikovsky or Wagner, the artist gets to work as a warrior, calling upon her memory and recomposing cows, herds, cats, circus shows, actors performing, theatre lights, contemplation on the beach or the abundance of streets, in order to report on what in the world is the happiest, sometimes the most amusing and always unique.