James Morehead

For the American artist James H. Morehead, the desire to create is located entirely in a profound fascination for the visual sense. Traumatised at a young age by an accident that deprived his older brother of one of his eyes, the artist very quickly developed an interest in sight and a desire to capture, to “portrait” the world and to express its inner beauties that are hidden but still felt.

Fascinated by natural forces, James H. Morehead is interested in the motifs of waterfalls, cascades that he considers as the lungs and the heart of life. Reproducing their grandeur, their movement, their power, he attempts to get close to the evasive. His dynamic, positive and energising painting is a hymn to peace but also thanks to its vivaciousness, a hymn to calming down, to serenity. Considering the therapeutic virtues of his work, the artist engages his own personal flourishing in his painting.

Influenced by the classical masters Rembrandt and Renoir, James H. Morehead works in a bright workshop where he can naturally capture the light and the nuances of the world. Pastels, brushes and paintbrushes therefore combine to put the happy combination of his memories, his visions, his emotions and his hopes into images and settle them on the canvas.