Profoundly attached to the practice of art since his childhood, Jean-Marc Faraut, aka JIEMEF, did not stop developing this passion alongside his professional career. Devoting himself mainly to the production of his sketches and works on canvas, he would also learn to work with ceramics and glass, and would work as a decorator for many potters and ceramicists in his home region. Through this various experiences, JIEMEF has rubbed shoulders with renowned artists, such as the ceramicist Roger Capron (1922-2006) and the master glass-maker Jean-Claude Novaro (1943-2014).

Not wishing to be limited to a single style, technique or even medium, JIEMEF makes a point of honour never to limit his creativity; but always considering the serious that every new artistic experimentation implies. As such, “all of the paths [he takes] nourish each other” and prolong and enrich the process of this multiple and insatiable creator.

Declaring himself as a fully-fledged professional painter artist in January 2011, JIEMEF has since then dedicated most of his time to the production of his artistic works. “Light and life, in opposition with the shades that imply it”, are at the heart of his process. Expressing himself mostly through abstraction, that he works on by calling upon all sorts of techniques, the painter does not neglect the importance of the figurative. Armed with a chromatic palette that is as contrasted as it is dazzling, JIEMEF allows us to see his personal, expressive and sensitive interpretation, natural elements that form the pattern of our daily life and landscapes that make up his region.

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