Matthieu Marcola

Trained in the study and conception of communication documents, the designer from Chalon-sur-Saône, Matthieu Marcola, finds himself in a creative approach deliberately oriented towards illustration. Defining himself as more of an illustrator than an artist in the wider sense, he has designed and developed over the years a visual and unique narrative language, heavily steeped in the world of childhood.

The artist begins his work by affixing various collages on his canvas before recovering them in part and extending the sketched drawings with a fountain pen or Indian ink. Interested in documents from printers, Matthieu produces his collages from newspapers or old books, whose certain typographic characters he tries to allow to appear. He then completes his composition by applying bright colours with mixed techniques – using watercolours, inks, acrylics, pastels and charcoal.

Composed of multiple beings interlinked or centred on a subject in particular, Matthieu’s works are endowed with a freshness that seems to be constantly renewing itself at the mercy of his productions. “Imagined as bits of books, scraps of stories,” they are just as inspired by the artist’s daily life as by what he reads. Matthieu draws on his imagination and children’s drawings to design and dramatise his fragments of tales. Seeking to touch a public both wide and varied, he uses poetry and humour with verve to recount his stories and invite the spectator to enter into this world marked by finesse.