Born in Saint-Étienne, Emeline grew up in Provence in Hyères. An only child, she amused herself by drawing clothing, and the little girl dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Her tastes changed over time, but she was still attracted by the arts.

In 1994, Emeline moved to Lyon where she attended a Fine Arts preparatory school before being accepted at the Émile Cohl School. Those three years of training prepared her for a career in graphic design and illustration (cartoons, comic strips...). After graduation, she began her professional life by illustrating youth projects. She quickly abandoned her activities as a designer to devote herself to painting. She became a full time artist and produced her first exhibition under the pseudonym MLine. Back in Hyères in 2000, she participated in several group exhibitions in the Var region with other young Street Art artists. She exhibited in various places (bars, restaurants, halls, shops, galleries) in the south but also in Paris and London. To create a personal universe, she accompanied her creations with derivative products from her paintings (postcards, mirrors, uniquely designed jewellery).

The artist combines elements painted in acrylics with images that have been cut out of magazines. Her haunting works invite the viewer to enter into a mysterious world, disconnected from reality. Emeline likes to mix the disturbing and the wonderful. She appreciates the strange fantasy illustrator Alexander Jansson and phantasmagorical world of Tim Burton (American director). She finds her inspiration in Japanese graphic design and the animation of Hayao Miyazaki (Japanese director). Her colourful works approach the Pop Surrealism of Caia Koopman and Kelly Vivanco American artists).

With their huge eyes, her delicate dolls are instantly recognizable. With a melancholy look, they appear immersed in their thoughts. Both solitary and contemplative, they reflect the inner emotions of the artist.