Yves Ogier

A French self-taught artist, Yves Ogier has developed a figurative style of painting that is still in balance at the frontier between the real and the imaginary. His landscapes produced with fervour in his workshop in the Drôme department fit into a form of timelessness. Stood in front of Yves Ogier’s paintings, we could in the end be anywhere at any time as the sky, the colours, the seasons, the ground and the relief cannot be dated or situated…  “My intention is not to photographically transpose a landscape but to transmit an atmosphere, an impression felt during hikes in the natural world,” explains the artist.

Passionate about wandering and walking, Yves Ogier thus captures moments and atmospheres and doesn’t worry much about the truthfulness and the appearance of the real. Extracting himself from any chronology or location, the artist’s painting belongs to the universality of a world made of colours and shapes, an artistic world suitable for creation.

“Faraway mountains”, “Autumn Happiness”, “Variations”, “Sacred mountains” become the site of pictorial transformations, the palette where the mixture of pigments, the birth of tones, their depth, their luminosity are decided. Using acrylics that he works with superimposed glazing to give it all of its thickness and materiality to the landscape, the artist demands in his work the intensity of a timeless world outside of any context.