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Sarah Aller

Sarah Aller is what you could call “a montage artist”. Born in New York in 1979, she developed from a young age a passion for art that she fed by pursuing theatre and art classes. The artist’s drawings, collages and montages are thus borrowed from the warmth and energy of the city. The urban environment and the influence of street art occupy a central position in her compositions. But her contrasted paintings also develop a poetic, romantic dimension, a bucolic nostalgia linked to strolling around, lightness and walking.

Sarah Aller’s compositions mix techniques of reproduction, collage, by using photography, transfer, digital images, pastels, drawing as well as materials such as paper, fabric, wood, stone, earth or metal to express the eclecticism and the richness of a world to which the artist is attached and whose diversity of forms she tries to relate as closely as possible.

The artist has a preference for man taken at the heart of his natural urban environment. Imagining her medium as the boards of a screenplay and the human experience as a performance, Sarah Aller aims to express the sacred relationship between man and the world as accurately as possible.