Angel Angelov

“When an artist describes his work, whatever genre is involved, the most difficult thing is probably finding the right words, because describing your emotions in terms of language is a most complicated matter” Angel Angelov explains on the subject of creation. Doing justice in painting to feelings experienced when confronted with the grandeur and power of nature or the majestic mountains of his birthplace in Bulgaria is the main challenge the artist faces day by day, as he endeavours to capture them in his work.

Having experimented with various techniques, Angel Angelov finally gravitated towards oil painting, preferring bright, dense, material images. In his paintings the artist concentrates on contrasts, alternation and the movement of shadows and light. Immortalising a tranquil and yet lively landscape, capturing a sunset on the spot, reproducing in fine details the warm, shining rays of the light at dawn, all these magical moments contribute to the power base of the artist’s palette.

Angel Angelov is fascinated by movement, taking a great interest in lively townscapes, and as a result he is forever pushing the boundaries of his work focusing on contrasts and combinations of vivid colours. Vehicles, roads, passers-by, metro corridors and building foyers illuminate his paintings with ephemeral touches of radiance under the artist’s violent, spontaneous gestures, singular emotions and romantic vision.