Thierry Delattre

Born to parents who occasionally enjoyed painting and making art, Thierry benefited from his family's support when he bagan to make drawings and has since then had a particular aptitude for depicting what he sees. For a time he was drawn to photography, which seemed to be a medium that enabled him to capture reality with more authenticity and less work but he still could not stop drawing and he looked at accomplished painters with great admiration.

Thierry uses knives to make his oil paintings on canvas. The artist enjoys this technique as it makes it possible for him to make pieces that are more based on suggestion than on detail and are associated with the working of the material. In this way, he has created works that are entirely figurative, with  expressive embossed textures and strong colours. The artist reinterprets street scenes and city scenes, often based on photographs and incessently searches for a balance between the representation of his subject and the pictoral composition. When speaking of his process, the artist expresses himself in the following way: "the theme or the subject seem less important to me than the interpretation and experience they inspire in the painter and in the spectator." His entire process is therefore based on the reaction to the act of painting and on transmission.

Thierrry is passionate about dance and meditation and devotes large portions of his days to these practices, which he thinks of often and paints. "The artist is drawn to spirituality, art and painting in particular, and sees them as marvelous ways to explore," in order to understand and transcend life.