Françoise Duprat

Inspired by her father, an amateur painter, Françoise Duprat developed a desire to create very early on. Aged 8, her visit to an exhibition dedicated to the French painter with Dutch origins, Kees Van Dongen, definitively fixed her plan to become an artist.

Working from sketches captured live, Françoise Duprat has evolved her themes throughout her travels. For her, drawing constitutes the summary of what she sees and feels. Always seeking the essential, the artist attempts to revive the soul of certain places in her work. The wrecks of ships and the old villages in Morbihan, where she set herself up in 2007, are ever-present testimonies to a forgotten past. When painting, working on these themes requires time and deep concentration. On the contrary, drawing takes place instantaneously and allows the artist a moment of pure spontaneity.

Working in series, Françoise Duprat treats the subjects of her compositions as pretexts to her creative research. Acrylics allow for the colour and form to be worked quickly and also lend themselves well to superimposing and transparency games. For the artist, there is everything to play for at the start. Using large brushes, she thus allows the lumps of the material take form, privileging the contrasts between a smooth surface like marble and the roughness of granite. Oils and its smooth texture then put the finishing touches to her canvases, definitively marrying the lines of the drawing and the effects of the material.