Archana Bhardwaj

Archana has been interested in nature and its many colours since she was very young. Above all, she wants to try to learn to draw nature on paper. With her teachers' and parents' encouragement, she enrolled in a fine arts programme and studied applied art and art theory at the Indian University of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in Agra. In order to pay for her tuition and for her numerous art projects, Archana taught art to many devoted students as soon as she passed her A levels.

During her education, Archana tried tirelessly to represent the elements that make up the natural world - stars, moon, sun, flower, bird, etc. Once she decided to turn her passion into a career, the challenge became about acquiring enough knowledge and experience to reach her goal. Therefore, she began by interpreting nature according to the axis of the portrait, which then led her to make realist portraits, and then adopting a more abstract practice.

In 2011, in order to support her husband in his profession, Archana left with her family to live in the capital of Qatar, in Doha, where she later joined the Souq Waqif Art Center as an associate artist. As she practices each visual technique available to her - acrylic, water paints and even oil paints-, Archana deliberately and perpetually seeks to learn new techniques, in order to see her mastery of art grow. Archana expresses her entire self through painting and endows her paintings with flamboyant colours that bring out the light and create a strong dynamic presence, thus revealing the intensity of the love the artist has for nature.