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Karine Roche

Daughter of an employee in the oil industry, Karine travelled the world with her family, led to set up temporarily in many countries from all corners of the world. This travelling would be marked by several stays in France, notably in Paris, where the young woman would follow a course dedicated to applied arts at the École Nationale Supérieure Olivier de Serres. In 2010, Karine emigrated to the largest principality of the United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi, accompanying her husband for his professional move.

Although she began her career producing cinema décor, Karine did not give up her painting practice. It was thanks to the first exhibition, granted by the Minister for Youth and Sport in 2000, combined with a painting prize awarded by the town of Vitry-sur-Seine three years later that would reassure her to become a painter artist full-time.

Heavily inspired by her travels and discoveries, Karine developed a pictorial practice that “is essentially based on the perception of [her] surroundings, [either] the way of re-transcribing a landscape through the specificities of a region, between identity and globalisation”. As such, through oil painting mixed with various techniques – from acrylics and resins to inks, watercolour or even colouring pencils – Karine designs temporal figurative works where urbanity and nature can harmoniously meet. Through the joint work of material and colours, Karine draws sensitive and poetic memoirs of a constantly evolving world that demonstrates the continual intervention of man on his environment.