Yves Lac is a self-taught French artist who trained by traveling, acquiring experience and practicing. The artist developed an expressionist technique inspired by his passion for the sea and landscapes, which are his main sources of inspiration. Therefore, his approach takes its markers and points of reference from reality and it uses the imaginary to evoke an interior and emotional world.

Yves Lac opts for motif painting or for painting with models when conditions allow by transcribing his favourite themes such as the coast, markets, villages, oceans, seas and boating into his paintings. Thus, he has used and installed nomadic and temporary ateliers all along the French coasts and the main harbours and islands.

"Yves Lac is painter taken by the sea, it is a passion for him and it provides him with a mobile but constant escape from the World, one that beckons to him to travel." The artist begins by capturing an impression, becoming familiar with an atmosphere, a scent, or a sound so that he may design a kind of reality that can express a greater intensity. Yves Lac almost reveals a secret in his work, the full display of subjectivity towards an emotion brought about by a landscape, the feeling of solitude when staring out at the sea, the dizziness brought about by waves or vastness, so many universal subjects that come to take shape here.