Michel Chambon

The French artist Michel Chambon's approach to painting takes shapes with curves and great subtlety, sensuality and voluptuousness. The artist began making pictures at a very young age in his father's atelier and later, during a trip to Paris, discovered the French movement CoBrA also known as the International Organisation of Experimental Artists (IAE) created in 1948 in response to a dispute between abstract painting and figure painting. Later, the artist developed a passion for Primitive Art and works by expressionist artists, which show contrast, violence, and immediacy.

He feeds his search for colours, deep and intense shades, his love of the arabesque shape, which is suggestive and almost carnal and his passion for refined lines and minimalist gestures. He is interested in preceptors of the Fauve artists and developed a formal design that is constructive and expresses colour. His subjects are free and are therefore a locus for experiencing matter and shapes, collages, and crumpled paper.