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Hana Seo

Enrolled in higher education to study design, Hana quickly realized that this activity did not suit her and she rapidly switched to a curriculum devoted to painting. During her years in grammar school, Hana had the opportunity to discover and practice traditional folkloric painting; an ancient discipline that she teaches to her students today.

By practicing this unusual pictorial and iconographic art she is able to develop her own artistic language, without straying too far from the skills of her ancestors. Using natural pigments - made from clay mixed with leaves and flowers that have been crushed-, Hana composes figures on a special kind of paper called "hanji" - a traditional support made from the inside bark of a Korean blackberry bush.

Even as she recognizes the influence of the pictorial legacy of her ancestors, Hana still manages to make her own mark by combining it with a modernist style. By bringing elements of the contemporary world into her paintings, the artist makes "modern folkloric paintings" inspired by nature and by daily life. Furnishings and flower designs are her two most cherished subjects. Since 2014, the artist has been working on a series devoted to forests, with her focus on conveying their immensity and mystery.

Hana has created an original and colourful universe, determined by its serenity, in which the grace of her pieces adroitly brings together her cultural legacy and her own personality. This artistic course speaks of hope and happiness in the face of the fast paced and on-going competition that contemporary society imposes on individuals.