Antje Burr

Graduated with two degrees in art and graphic design, Antje has painted since she was a child and was encourage by those around her from a very early age to follow painting and art classes in a dedicated art school, with other subjects taught too. She would discover and learn a lot thanks to her mentor, Hans-Jürgen Mannweiler, during the seven years she spent at FEZ in Berlin.

Landscapes are her subject of choice. Initially represented realistically, for several years now the painter has tended more towards an abstract interpretation of her surrounding environment. The preparatory drawing is, as for itself, always carried out with a descriptive approach, as close to reality as possible, allowing Antje to distance herself afterwards during her pictorial elaboration. Working principally from inks and acrylics, her gestures are determined by her mood, whether it is accomplished with finesse and precision or on the contrary, whether it expresses itself with force and expressiveness.

Constantly experimenting in order to respond to the many ideas that are created in her mind, Antje continually seeks to enrich her knowledge and to confront her work with other artists’ work, in order never to remain closed-minded in her knowledge. It is through painting that the artist expresses herself the most profoundly; she needs to re-transcribe onto the canvas the beauty of the Baltic Sea coasts, to translate the atmospheres felt on her travels or even to materialise her dreams. For that, she uses abundantly great blocks of bright colours. “The combination of realist line drawing with abstract pictorial elaboration,” characterises the artist’s work.