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Elena Lunetskaya

Originating from Saint-Petersburg in Russia, the artist Elena Lunetskaya’s approach falls under the tradition of Neo-Impressionism. After studying Art, Illustration and Design, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to painting. Her traditional technique uses oil paints and displays traces of 20th century Russian artistic trends. Fixed in her time and careful to take the modernity of her era into account, Elena Lunetskaya is interested in contemporary architecture and the urban world. She thus approaches the motifs of cities, streets, train stations, cars and underground platforms, just as the Impressionists approached nature, by feeling their own sensations, by establishing as much distance as possible with the immediate impression of what we see.

Light, dramatised, movement and reflections play an essential role in the artist’s compositions. Night, rainy scenes are sometimes transformed into abstract geometries and become the domain of a great artistic whirlwind of materials, forms and colours. There, what she perceives as a form of chaos, the effusion, speed and dizziness of the modern city is changed into a painting with an elongated, almost deformed image, warm, dazzling, iridescent colours, twisted forms, a general flux that continues as if the artist’s view was suddenly flooded by the rain.

Between dream, illusion and transformation, Elena Lunetskaya’s paintings get close to an almost psychedelic vision of reality, that moves away from what the eye perceives to get as close as possible to the burning flame the artist feels deep down inside herself.







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