Charles Ducroux

Photography, painting, music, Charles Ducroux is a man of many passions. Even though he has always loved the blues and rock’n’roll (he plays the guitar and sings), he discovered his passion for pictorial art when he was photographing a painter in his workshop. He followed an academic course alongside his pharmaceutical studies, discovered impressionism and abstraction and began exhibiting in the art fairs of Normandy, where his work attracted the attention of gallery owners.

As a painter of urban wandering, he has travelled across the world from Cambodia to Indonesia, Morocco to Havana, and of course spending some time in the United States, seeking this exoticism, which enabled him to view the world in a new light. Like his greatest master, Henri Cartier-Bresson, who compared photography to a “drawing in fast forward”, he considers his shots to be a part of his painting work, a true composition on canvas. These images, just like musical scores, will then have to be deciphered, interpreted and reinvented. Always to music, the nervous gestures of his knives recreate worlds that are at the limit of abstraction. He likes turning his canvases or contemplating them upside down to achieve the greatest possible formal perfection. Populated by mysterious strollers who are always about to escape us, his works come to life thanks to the mixture of the monumental harmony of the surroundings and the energy of the moving characters, who are like the melody and the rhythm of a piece of music. If his canvases are able to evoke the myth of the “solitary cowboy”, it’s because we can see both the representation of strangers on the move and self-portraits of the artist. Today, Charles Ducroux dedicates himself entirely to his passions: he lives his painting and appears on stage with his group “Loscar Combo”.