Anne Dubost

Anne Dubost borrows the impulsive gesture from expressionism. As her drips of paint are projected or dropped on the canvas they direct the composition in a joyful direction. The artist's drawings and pastel prints constitute the prelude to creating her oil paintings, which contain a kind of blurriness that seems to stem from a water colour technique and from the evanescence of her effects. 

Transparency is therefore at the heart of her feminine portraits with their sensual and romantic lines. Her characters, with their flamboyant and whirling hair, discreetly display their energy and their seductive power. Her compositions take on a nostalgic atmosphere with colours from another time, rendered dynamic through the artist's spontaneous strokes made with a brush. The faces, which are both timid and serene, give off a feeling of holidays.

To find Anne Dubost's true intention one must read between the lines.  The suggestion is indeed at the heart of her process, which spreads colours and textures in order to envelope the subjects with a halo. These circular movements, present in the paintings, lead the artist's characters in a dance that exacerbates the spinning palette, its tonalities and the contrasts packed with energy. A luminous work that contains all the vibrations of the world or, in the words of Régis Broustet, "a palette of spinning colours, much like a bouquet of fireworks".