After completing a double major in literature and art, Garella began his professional career in the communication sector before working for himself as an independent artist. Even though he started out working in musical composition and in visual compositions, his pluridisciplinary artistic vocation eventually gave way to the development of his painting, which today takes up the entirety of his time and interests.

Garella lives in the centre of the Vendée, in a region surrounded by the coast and nick named "the coast of light" on account of the quality of the sunshine, and is constantly inspired by the surrounding nature. At the heart of his research, the painter has found his favourite theme by observing landscapes, which he loves to interpret, again and always. He is deeply inspired by works by the British landscapist William Turner (1775-1851) and by the Chine artist Zao Wou Ki (1920-2013), Garella conceives of his canvas as a "meditative space in which dreams encounter nature and where he can search for a world beyond the horizon: all the spaces we carry within us and from which the unexpected emerges."

The painter approaches his subject like a sensory experience and sculpts the material, captures the light, using tubes, spatulas and paintbrushes to give birth to abstract, poetic and exalted compositions. Garella's lyrical works are made only with the acrylic paint he work on the support itself and they carry the viewer's gaze to the edge of the real, to the place where emotion meets dreams and perception seems to grow to reveal the inexpressible.