Nicole Bellocq

Originally from Landes, Nicole has been passionate about the practice of drawing since a very young age and showed a keen interest in the lives of painters very early on. In spite of everything, she would manage to enrich it during her teenage years by signing up to distance learning dedicated to artistic practices. She would also try out the practice of steel engraving from the Pau engraver René Lefèvre, who would introduce her to the processes of etching and aquatint. Nicole started exhibiting her works in early 1980, and five years later, she earned her membership to the Maison des Artistes.

Originally set up in the Pyrenees, the artist moved her workshop gallery in 2013 to establish herself near the ocean. Profoundly attached to her home region, Nicole feeds her painting with the surrounding nature that she never tires of contemplating and translating in her landscapes and everyday life scenes. As such, using tubes of oil paint that she generally applies with a knife, the artist attempts to depict the atmosphere and diversity of nuances that run the length of the Landes coast. An admirer of the works by landscape painters, Nicole has been lastingly marked by the Chemin des Impressionnistes, which extends along the edge of the Seine in part of the Yvelines department.
Seeking to evolve her technique to include more spontaneity, today Nicole focuses her research on games of composition and material to reproduce, in her paintings, the formerly acquired techniques in the engraving exercise.