Eulalia Pallares

Originally from Barcelona,where she livesandworks, Eulalia was passionateabout practicing graphic arts from a young age, andmore specifically, her attention naturally shiftedtowards representing the human form. With her training in the techniques ofdrawing, paintingand graphics, the artist diversified her activities by splitting her time between painting orders forvarious Spanish publishers, a teachingjob and the elaboration of her pictorialwork.

During her ten years at the "Cercle Artistic de SantLluc" Eulaliadrew live subjects, moving through parks andstreets, frequentingthe numerous cafés of her home town. Even now, armed with hersketchbooks, the artist loves to wander around in the city and grab real-life picturesfor later conversion to canvaswith watercolour, acrylic or oil paint.
Resolutelyrepresentational, Eulalia’s gaze focuses on the inhabitants, theireveryday habits andbehaviour. On a more personal level she draws inspiration from her surroundings, making models out of her friendsand family members. For the artist, portrait work is an art that could be called global, since it requires great technical skill,whileit also needs to be allotted a prominent place for introspection and psychology. The artist is especially interested in the question of the intimacy of the being and, rejecting hyperrealism, day after day she seeks to come closer to the reality in her subject while preserving the instinctive character of their gestures, guaranteeingthe sensitivity of her work.