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Anita Kaufmann

Anita is self-taught and began to compose decidedly abstract paintings in 2003 and quickly became a full time artist. Every day, she works on her pieces from her workshop in Munich, Germany. After devoting six years exclusively to her artistic practice, Anita decided to expand her horizons and travel to faraway countries. Thus, from 2009 to 2015 she took on a long boat ride with her family that brought her to the far edges of the Pacific, between French Polynesia and America. She is enriched as much by the cultures she frequents and strives to become a part of as she is by the people she meets, and the collections she was fortunate enough to see in museums. As a result, Anita’s art work slowly evolved towards figuration and finally started to focus on representations of the human figure.

Upon returning to Germany, the artist settled in the Bavarian community of Regensburg and has since taken to making portraits using acrylic and mixed techniques. Anita flips through magazines, observes people in public spaces or clicks through social media to search for her model, for the face that will grab her attention and feed her artistic reflections. She sketches her subject delicately with a subtle combination of shades of blacks, greys and whites, intentionally letting the grain of the support she uses show through. The subject seems to emerge from the canvas and to merge with the artist.

Anita admires the work of American painter Chuck Close (born in 1940) and creates characters with an intense intimacy, which she attempts to convey to her audience.