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Sébastien Jantzen

Sébastien Jantzen’s work is first and foremost collage and assembly. Gathering and collecting photographs, words or sentences taken from magazines, the artist breaks them up in order to then put them back together better. This material thus makes up the database of his paintings for him.

What he calls “the painting game” – the material and colour – are added to paper, glue, acrylics and wax. Materialisation, superimposing and disappearing, Sébastien Jantzen’s project is to arrive at the right vibration. The layers, sometimes opaque, sometimes more transparent, then start talking, contrast or mix together. In the colour, marks, cracks or joints, the energy of the matter materialises, symbolising the strength of the creation.

Sometimes giving off the feeling of dissolving, the artist’s outstandingly fluid painting affirms the power of the action and the evocation. Falling within the tradition of abstraction, even minimalism, Sébastien Jantzen’s practice draws its references from artists like Mark Rothko, Alberto Giacometti or Dieter Apelt, confirming his sensitive world, on the edge of the legible. Reduced to shapes and elementary principles, the presences that inhabit his paintings are spectres, guardians of light and suspended timelessly.