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Henry Jones

Henry has always been interested in artistic creation and began training in England at the Academy of Bath and then at the Art School of Winchester before ending his education by spending several months at the Fine Arts School of Barcelona in Spain. Henry devoted his education to sculpture, painting and drawing and also took advantage of this transitional period to go discover new geographic places such as Russia and Spain. The young artist graduated with honours in 1987, and decided to keep the adventure going by leaving to explore the vast territory of the United States where he settled in New York before leaving again to go to Australia. His journey ends in 1990 when he decides to settle in London.

Henry is deeply attached to observing everyday life scenes and makes sketches about them and does water colours outside - reserving his studio for detailed water colours that are more complex and for oil paintings that are larger in size. The painter is not looking to perfectly reproduce reality, rather, he wants to capture the atmosphere that emanates from the landscape or the scene he is observing. Thus, with quick, spontaneous gestures and resolutely soft tones, Henry’s works suggest more than they reveal and plunge the viewer in a certain emotion, not unlike that of a dream or a memory.

Henry’s sensitive and poetic work is enriched by his daily practice and by the works of the many painters that he admires, and the numerous visits to exhibits going on in the British capital.