Christian del Monte

Self-taught Chilean painter, his artistic adventure started at the beginning of 1987 in the port city of Valparaiso. Only nineteen at the time, Christian was driven by an intense desire to devote himself to painting, motivated as much by the beauty of the surrounding landscape as by his pictorial references. In this way he threw body and soul into experimentation with the intention of crystallising his proclivities as regards aesthetics and light.

In 1988 he joined a group of artists in Viña del Mar and worked with them for five years. At the same time he underwent training in mural painting techniques with Claudio Francia. Christian experimented with charcoal, pastel, watercolour and acrylic, before deciding on oil painting; a medium that responds immediately to the aspirations of the artist in terms of textures and effects. Curiously, his spirit was enriched by the numerous currents that have marked painting history, whether it be poetry, music or Latin-American history. Therefore, one part of his work pays homage to the languages, cultures and beliefs of the native peoples, the constructors of the Americas.

Powerfully colourful and redolent of poetry and fantasy, Christian constructed for himself an original pictorial language between naïve art and outsider art. In addition, mindful of the relationship between man and his ecosystem – reflecting his leitmotiv "being oneself and only being one with the universe" –, Christian is engaged in the preservation of know-how and the protection of nature. Thus, the artist realized his artworks on canvas, on wood, or on a very particular paper made of local vegetable material and made by workers in his home region.

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