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Daniel Sannier

Daniel Sannier is a police officer by profession but he is also an artist and has exhibited his work since the mid 1970s. The self-taught artist is a member of the Salon des Indépendants de la Route des Impressionnistes and he is originally from the Baie de la Somme. He is very much attached to his region, which he has never left, and he often finds inspiration in it for his works of art.

Daniel is very passionate about utilizing oil painting techniques. He makes figurative works that capture moments in the daily lives of the people living on the coast, and also perfectly illustrates the beauty and seasonal changes of some of the landscapes of France - spanning from the riverbanks of the Somme to the small valleys of Provence. His subjects, which he studies in a realist way and treats with patience and sensitivity - in the way of impressionist painters - submerge the viewer into an environment that is familiar and serene, where they can be revitalized.

Alongside these collections, Daniel has also been making collages for many years and has made compositions on canvas and on wood. His works seem entirely turned towards experimentation with visual materials. Daniel approaches his collages in an entirely different way as they seem to answer a need to be creative in a resolutely abstract and contemporary way. They are constellated with many different vibrant and contrasted tones, which give them their dynamic appearance and poetry.

Daniel's double practice in which his creative impulses thrive, can be summarized in the following few words, written by the artist himself: "There are as many colors as there are individuals." 

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