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Peter Lloyd

Forever driven by the desire to attain realistic pictorial realism, right from his very first years of learning, Peter strives to get as close as possible to the factual representation of his subject. Over the years and over the course of his study, the painter started developing keen interest in cognitive psychology, which examines all the human psychological activities and processes, which are the main indicators of his reasoning and perception. Thus, focusing the core aspect of his pictorial practice on this field of experimentation, Peter developed a practice that represents the ability of the human mind to create an image from a minimum amount of information or recreate it thanks to the connection between one’s memory and senses.

Using oil paints that he applies on his canvas using a variety of tools like brushes, knives, scrapers or even credit cards, Peter works towards creating works all the while ensuring that the original colours are retained to provide greater clarity in the understanding of the subject. Combining a figurative style with rapid strokes which creates a certain formal abstraction, the painter sketches his portraits seeking to provide the viewer with a visual perception, rather than the exact transposition of an image.

Inspired by the bold use of colour by Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), the singular stylistic writing developed by Ryan Hewett (born in 1979) in the creation of his portraits or even the cognitive artistic work of Ricardo Galán Urréjola (born in 1956), Peter has built an original and strong pictorial identity, which extensively reinterprets the work of reproducing a subject.