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Véronique Soriano

A trained anthropologist, Véronique Soriano confronts animal nature and humanity, the feminine and masculine, and cultures and mythologies in her paintings. Inspired by American expressionists, the artist works on improvising her gesture: “I start a painting quickly by throwing colours on with a paintbrush, by hand, or with a knife. Then, at some point, I look for the relationship between the content and the form, the content of the painting, its distant lands, its suggestions and the story it might create.”

Working on canvas or on paper, Véronique Soriano therefore allows the colours to run and the shapes that sketch out the lines of a composition. Looking for a balance between structure and freedom, between the real and the imaginary, she is inspired by myths and current affairs to tend towards the universal. A female Noah, affected by human distress, thus comes to the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean.

Tales that match and meet thus guide the artist. Attentive to the perception of space, she has developed a very poeticised figurative painting style, which stands out and can be read on several levels. Her female, romantic and creative characters are like precious symbols of a mysterious world, where, as the art critic Jean-Paul Gavard Perret writes, “we feel life’s turmoils in the depth”.