When Dié-Go was barely twenty years old and had just finished his studies in stylisation and design at the School of Visual Arts in Toulouse, he left his academic pursuits and began his career as an artist. He settled in his hometown and worked patiently on creating sensitive graphic compositions.

He is very interested in archaeological digs and in discovering objects and relics presented in curiosity displays in museums. Dié-Go makes his art in the way a researcher might go about looking for ancient knowledge he may be looking to exhume. His approach is very similar to that of a geologist and the artist works on his support applying "a series of layers of paint and designs, the surface of which he then scratches until he reveals a final image that he can make visible." Therefore, by intermingling writing, symbols and figures the artist from Toulouse uses acrylics paint, pencils, pastels and image transfer in order to adopt his mixed techniques.

Dié-Go's paintings are inspired by mythologies, legends and other mysteries and come to speak like an "ancient and deep language in which each sign takes us to a mythical place, an essential history that is very old and that mixes with the present in order to reveal the density of time." Dié-Go's works are luminous and poetic parabolas of the remains of a world that is forgotten today. They invite the viewer to immerse him or herself into a meditative and timeless story, at the border between the imaginary and multiple realities.

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