Jacques Majos

A painting enthusiast, Jacques Majos has exclusively trained in oil painting since his adolescent days. He strives to reproduce his favourite photography subjects as accurately as possible with his brushes. This passion in his youth was somewhat derailed by life’s ups and downs, but he once again found his passion in 1994, where he was shown how to handle a palette knife.

Supported by the plentiful advice dispensed by Professor Françoise Marié over fourteen years of conducting workshops, and deeply inspired by the painting techniques first used by Gustave Courbet (1819-1877), the artist patiently and diligently learned this new practice. The painter gradually got better and better, and finally achieved the peak expression of his creativity.

Decidedly figurative, Jacques Majos’ art is completely focused on the faithful representation of landscapes, painted in a single stroke using alternating layers of more or less thick and fresh materials. The goal is to depict finesse as well as the variety of luminous ambiences that are present in all of his works. “People normally believe that finesse is impossible with a palette knife, and yet this is what I have always strived to attain through my art in order to better express the sensitivity of nature or objects”. These are the words used by the painter to express the scope of his mission with great precision and also great modesty, thus showcasing his visual and sensory acuity.

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